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Renovation of the bathroom: 5 tricks and DIY solutions to save money

Elisabetta has renovated the bathroom this year, adopting do-it-yourself and low-cost solutions. She has renewed the style of the original bathroom by replacing the bathtub with a shower, buy best toilets on the market, the […]

DIY bathroom: do you know do-it-yourself techniques?

The importance of this environment: The bathroom is a very important room of the house, where you spend several moments in a day, moments dedicated mainly to the care of their hygiene and their person […]

Removing mould – that’s how it works

Even if molds are completely natural and not in principle harmful – they should not multiply excessively in the dwelling nevertheless. Keyword: mould. We will tell you how mould infestation develops, how you can remove […]

Renovation of DIY bathroom: Study an ideal bathroom for your needs

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, not only for the various functions required. In fact, this can be the perfect place to combine accessories and functional furnishing elements for […]

Large tiles for small bathrooms – Tips, tile formats and pictures

With the right design and a few optical tricks, even a small bathroom can become a wellness temple. Forms and colours play the most important role when it comes to optical magnification, because they can […]