Chromotherapy in the bathroom: how to create atmospheres and light effects

Chromotherapy in the bathroom: how to create atmospheres and light effects

Today we continue to explore the theme of bathroom lighting with an article dedicated to chromotherapy: atmospheres and plays of light that can be achieved thanks to special ideas and tricks. In the last post of this column we had left precisely with the promise to deal with a topic too often underestimated, namely the possibilities and modern LED RGB+W technologies that allow us to create high quality mini-chromotherapy systems at very low prices.

Let’s immediately underline a fact: light is atmosphere, it’s suggestion, it’s well-being, it’s an enhancement of an environment. It can modify, improve and enrich the identity of a room or a room, whether small or large, in a special way where the furniture is limited: just like in the case of the bathroom!


From theory to practice, we see at this point some proposals and solutions to give the bathroom an atmosphere that meets your needs and expectations. In other words, the various lighting solutions that make it possible to create an excellent colour therapy in the bathroom. Usually this type of application is used in shower or bath areas. The most interesting products can be combined to give the bathroom a touch of originality. Think, for example, of scented or decorative bathroom candles, but think also of lanterns and other devices that give a natural light, lively and animated. Among the most valid alternatives and at the same time easy to find and realize, we remember:

1.Chromotherapy in the bathroom with LED lights

LED lights, with a higher level of customization and versatility than conventional lamps, are the most obvious choice to achieve this goal. For example, by opting for a lower luminous flux or by dimming the brightness (i.e. by adding a fixture to regulate the intensity of the light), we will be able to create an intimate and warm atmosphere, clearly changing our perception of the bathroom and thus giving it the magical atmosphere that you can breathe in spas.

In the same way, using RGB+W LEDs (abbreviation that stands for red, green, blue, white) suitably regulated by the appropriate control systems, we can enjoy a pleasant chromotherapy in the shower or bathtub.

In general, it can be said that a more intense brightness, tending to white, gives a feeling of active environment, while on the contrary a lower brightness, tending to yellow, evokes an atmosphere of relaxation and inner peace. So those who want to create a relaxing environment will use a warm white light combined with a dimmer to adjust the intensity of light according to situations. Those who want to set up a corner dedicated to chromotherapy will take advantage of the potential of colored LED (RGB + W) as shown in this beautiful video, where they are illustrated in detail all the benefits of colors on our body and mind.

Chromotherapy with RGBW LED strips

Thin, practical and colourful (they can be shortened with a simple cut), the RGB+W LED strips make it possible to create excellent chromotherapy systems even in small spaces. With the RGB+W LED strips you can create endless plays of light and real WOW effects! The wonderful thing is to have the light that illuminates but without seeing the light source: grooves in the false ceiling that radiate light, niches and walls highlighted with a wall washer effect, LED lines on the floor that mark the passage are just a few examples of application. The LED strips if placed in the shower must have the appropriate IP-proof water and humidity, so waterproof (what is the IP rating of a lamp?)! The application of RGB+W LED strips is simple, it is sufficient to obtain a thin niche where the LED can be glued on an aluminium surface. Usually to achieve a color therapy, the LED line is placed above the shower head, so we have color and water that mix with each other and slip on the skin. Clearly, to obtain this combination and regulation of colors is not enough the LED strip RGB + W, it must be combined with a driver that powers the LED and a control unit to control everything. The lighting control systems are multiple, and among the most used we have: control lights by button, control lights by remote control, control lights by smartphone. There is no general rule in the choice of the system but it is evaluated with the implementation of each project.

Chromotherapy with RGB+W recessed spotlights

The third option for creating colour therapy and light effects in the bathroom is the RGB+W recessed spotlight. Their application in the bathroom is very versatile: they can be applied to the ceiling, floor or wall, and depending on the effect you want to obtain follows the choice of the type of spotlight and its characteristics. To create colour therapy in the shower, they must be positioned like strips, i.e. above the shower head. Unlike the RGB+W LED strips, which have a continuous line, we would have cones of light and greater flexibility in their arrangement. The same rule applies to light control as for LED strips. As we have seen in the video above, a combination of different spotlights can be used to create a tailor-made colour therapy; the same can be used with a single RGB+W spotlight where space is at a premium. In this photo is an example of chromotherapy made in a shower.

Chromotherapy with coloured LED lamps

As a last option (random order) we remember the decorative lamps with RGBW functionality, they are mostly low-flux lamps that serve to create an atmosphere in the bathroom or in any other environment. Practical examples are the Baby Marge RGBW lamp and the OH! RGBW, both with induction charging and portable anywhere.

2.Fibre optic for chromotherapy

In recent years, more and more light-fibre optics are taking hold, a device that combines an LED light source with fibre optic filaments. The effects are very impressive, for example to create a ceiling that is illuminated like a starry sky. Here, too, the energy consumption is low and the space required is small, while the scenic result is of great aesthetic impact! So if you want to create a starry sky in your bathroom, fiber optics is definitely a more suitable and innovative method! In this case there are color therapy kits complete with all the accessories, with different online offers, our advice is always to find out about the features and quality before buying! That said, the fiber optic we feel to recommend it especially for the realization of starry skies because the result is spectacular!

3.Emotional shower heads with chromotherapy

We couldn’t help but mention the emotional shower heads with LEDs already integrated, a wellness and relaxation shower with light and water that run simultaneously over the body. Cutting-edge technology, design and performance in a single product. These are multifunctional shower heads with jets of water combined with colours. It is a complete product made with integrated chromotherapy. In this photo a shower head by Antoniolupi with integrated LED technology:

Chromotherapy in the shower: Weather Head, Antoniolupi (stainless steel shower head completely recessed into the ceiling that can integrate the RGB LED lighting with remote control, available in various sizes).

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