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6 things to know before buying sanitary ware

What is the basis for choosing a bathroom fixture collection? Price, aesthetics, quality, brand? How to orient yourself among the many models of toilets and bidets on the market? What are the characteristics of a […]

Requirements for safety in bathroom lighting

Lighting the bathroom requires special attention not only with regard to the position of the light points in the different areas (mirror, shower, etc.). A proper lighting design of this space must also and above […]

Built-in bathtubs: Who said I’m out of fashion?

The built-in bathtub is a type of bathtub that is less considered today; a matter of passing fashions they say. In reality, compared to the freestanding bathtubs so fashionable, or to the panelled bathtubs, they […]

10 things you don’t know about porcelain stoneware

In this column dedicated to porcelain stoneware we have talked in recent months about how valuable this material is and how it can have surprising aesthetic results. Today we enter a little more into the […]

Chromotherapy in the bathroom: how to create atmospheres and light effects

Today we continue to explore the theme of bathroom lighting with an article dedicated to chromotherapy: atmospheres and plays of light that can be achieved thanks to special ideas and tricks. In the last post […]